TalkToFoodLion.Com – Food Lion Survey [Win $500]

TalkToFoodLion.Com – Why does Talktofoodlion do a survey?

TalkToFoodLion.Com - Food Lion Survey [Win $500]

TalkToFoodLion.Com – Food Lion Survey[Win $500]

Contact information for the Golden Lion may be found online at Hold a meeting at Food Lion and get down to business.

The company will use the survey’s findings to gauge how happy its clients are with the services they get.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our customer satisfaction survey for Ordering Lion.

Comments from the Grocery Store’s Actual Customers’ Feelings should be expressed as soon as possible. In the shadows of the school cafeteria lurks the Big Bad Wolf.

When a business conducts a poll like this, it demonstrates its dedication to listening to its customers and acting on their feedback.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about Food Lion. Please take this with thanks since it is a gift. You may obtain a coupon through email after finishing the Food Lion survey. I value it much.

TalkToFoodLion.Com - Food Lion Survey [Win $500]

How To Take Talktofoodlion Survey

  • Visit, Food Lion’s official survey site, to take part in the Kitchen Lions Guest Survey.
  • Make that your business’s statement has the correct date and time, three-letter company code, and Action ID.
  • Select “NEXT” when prompted to do so.
  • The company plans to use consumer surveys to get feedback on Food Lion as a whole.
  • I’d appreciate it if you could rate the satisfaction of your clients with the service you provided on a scale of 1 to 10 after each session.
  • When asked how you feel, whether pleased or sad, just be honest.
  • You and the owner will take care of every detail of running Food Lion, from its finances to the hours its stores are open to your personal availability on short notice.
  • Account creation calls for your complete legal name, bank account details, mobile phone number, and email address.
  • When customers participate in Food Lion’s surveys, they are rewarded with a coupon good for a future purchase.

Gifts And Rewards

All survey takers will be entered into a drawing for a $5 Food Lion gift card. All rewards have a total value of $10,000 for each Entry Period. Winners will get a $500 Store Lion gift card as their reward.

TalkToFoodLion.Com - Food Lion Survey [Win $500]

Rules TalkToFoodLion Survey

  • We can’t have someone working for us who isn’t a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States.
  • No minors are allowed to participate.
  • If you wish to vote, you’ll need to bring your ticket with you to the voting station.
  • To make educated financial choices, you need convenient, reliable access to your transaction history.
  • It’s conceivable that your survey will get precisely one answer.
  • Food Lion employees and their family members are disenfranchised.
  • No party may transfer its rights or delegate its duties under this Agreement.
  • Since the concepts are ever-evolving, exchanging them for money or other obligations may become difficult.
  • A person’s immeasurable intrinsic worth cannot be put into numbers.

About TalkToFoodLion Survey

With its headquarters in Salisbury, North Carolina, Food Lion is a supermarket chain with over a thousand outlets in 10 states in the South and Midwest.

The company was started in 1983. More than 63,000 employees are now employed by the organization in 190 different nations.

Food Town began as a little supermarket in a Salisbury suburb and has now expanded into a multibillion-dollar empire. The illness swiftly spread to other regions of North Carolina later on.


If there is anything more I can shed light on for you, please let me know. Those interested in taking part in the Food Lion consumer survey are welcome to do so.

You shouldn’t need more than a few minutes to finish the survey. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

TalkToFoodLion.Com - Food Lion Survey [Win $500]


  • Can I enter the giveaway without making a purchase at Food Lion?

Answer – There is no charge for either voting in the Blue Lion poll or entering the contest. The Sweepstakes entry form is available both online and in print form.

  • Please let me know if you provide worldwide shipping.

Answer – This limitation is placed only on those who are not United States citizens. nationals.

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